It's BACK!
Holiday Barre Club 2021
12 Days of Barre

$20 - that's less than $1.67 per workout!

My favorite time of year is here!

It's time for the HOLIDAY BARRE CLUB!

Are you ready to talk about Nick Jonas, Thor and Micheal B. Jordan in a Santa hat? I am!!!

Don't let the holiday stress, burnt cookies, and shopping craziness get you down this holiday season...kick some jingle bell BOOTY and take care of yourself with 12 fun workouts designed to TONE, SCULPT, BURN and SHRED that ho ho HOT BOD!!!!

STARTS December 6th and runs through December 31st, just in time for the NEW YEAR!

These workouts are all 30 minutes so you can fit them in ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. Plus we have a TON of holiday fun and laughs!

12 BRAND NEW Workouts just for YOU.  And Yes there will be hella good music too! Plus a private facebook group, holiday recipes, FACEBOOK LIVE cocktail hour and more!!!

YOU WILL NEED - barre weights (1,2, 3 or 4lb depending on your fitness level) a squishy ball and one medium resistance mini band!

Join the fun for $20 - that's less than $1.67 per workout!

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